The Business Bomb Disposal Call

Will you take the call to dispose of your Business Bombs?


Using my 20+ years of military and business experience, I’ve created the ‘Business Bomb Disposal technique’ - a systematic approach that breaks down what’s going on in your business so that you can take action and strategically lead your company to success.


In a 15 minute call I will help you break down what’s happening in your business and show you how to dispose of the business bombs sitting inside your business.

The Disposal Of Business Bombs - What My Army Experience Taught Me

When you’re about to step on a bomb, you start to focus on what really matters. As a business owner, if you find yourself side-stepping a hypothetical bomb, teetering near it’s edge or just putting your foot straight down and dealing with the consequences - you’ll know exactly what I mean. Reactive damage control.


My 11 years in the military taught me the art of finding bombs and diffusing them well before they cause harm - and the same goes for business.  Those moments where you almost step on a bomb should give you clarity on what’s needed in your business, which will avoid and diffuse those bombs in the future.


Here’s how it works from my experience:


In 2007, I was leading an Army Bomb Disposal team in Southern Lebanon after the 2006 war. I was in the field trying to find out where to send the team next. The more bombs we found to get rid of, the happier the team was!


Climbing up a hill, I found plenty of evidence - I was onto a win. But then my foot slipped, I looked down and I was just about to step on a bomb that would have ended my day.


My focus narrowed, clarity set in and I realised that I needed to pay more attention to what was happening around me.


11 years later and I am using my military strategic planning and leadership tools to help business owners find clarity and focus in their businesses. I have a Business Bomb Disposal technique to help provide you with this clarity.


Business owners have many bombs that they are navigating around each day. They tip toe around them and some are set with trip wires behind closed doors – they don’t even know they are there. And then WHAM, you get hit and all you can see are stars and carnage.


In Lebanon, I led a highly trained team to find the bombs, mark them and then carefully pick them up and dispose of them. This was all done in a very systematic way. Once we had clarity on what we were dealing with, then we could put in place a plan and focus on the outcome required.


The result – In six months we cleared hills, banana plantations and fields of 630 bombs.


You need to do the same with your business. Clearing the field of bombs is essential to grow your company and it’s essential for the productiveness and wellbeing of you and your staff.


So that’s what I do now. I help people clear business bombs, gain clarity and create businesses to be proud of.


The first step is identification. Actually getting clarity on what needs to be done better. This is deeper than simply wanting more leads and more time - and getting deeper is crucial to gaining more leads and more time!


I’ve created a systematic approach to this, drawn from my military days, which I like to call the ‘Business Bomb Disposal Call’. It’s essentially a free business audit that will help you break down what’s happening in your business and show you how to dispose of the business bombs sitting inside your business.


Take the call, we dispose of the business bombs, you don’t get hit!